Meet the Interns: Megan Kiwor, Submissions Coordinator

megankiwor_0Megan Kiwor, Submissions Coordinator, is a member of the Content Team here at SR. She is a sophomore of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, majoring in English: Creative Writing.

Superstition Review: What do you do for SR?

Megan Kiwor: I receive the submissions sent to SR, organize all the information into a spreadsheet, then post the works for the respective editors to review.

SR: How did you hear about or get involved with Superstition Review?

MK: I received an email about Superstition Review having an internship program and really wanted to be a part of it.

SR: What is your favorite section of SR?

MK: I think it would have to be the Poetry section because I love poetry, I’m always writing myself so it’s interesting to read other people’s thoughts and ideas made into poetry.

SR: What job, other than your own, would you like to try out in the journal?

MK: I think I would like to try, of course, a job in the poetry group but also maybe something with events for SR.

SR: What are you most excited for in the upcoming issue?

MK: I think that I was a part of it–that’s a pretty cool thing knowing you worked on getting a literary magazine going, especially when being involved with writing is what you’d like to do with your life.

SR: What was the first book you remember falling in love with and what made it so special?

MK: Among the Hidden was the first novel I read that I loved. It was about society controlling the population rate and food supplies by only allowing families to have two children. I read it in 4th grade, and I think even then I found “what if” stories fascinating. I liked it because it wasn’t too far out of the realm of possibility but it wasn’t going to happen tomorrow either.

SR: What are you currently reading?

MK: Currently I’m re-reading Canterbury Tales for an English class and I’m starting the next book, a teen girl read, called Private. I started it when I went to private high school and it was interesting comparing it to my high school, and then I just started loving the series.

SR: What artist have you really connected with, either in subject matter, work, or motto?

MK: Emily Dickinson was the first poet I ever read, I think in 5th grade. Her work really inspired me and got me interested in writing. I can still remember the poem I memorized in 5th grade for a class.

SR: Do you write? Tell us about a project you’re working on.

MK: I write every free moment I have. I started writing poetry in 7th grade and since then I haven’t been able to stop. This last summer I put all my poems and short stories together in a journal so I can keep them in one place, my collective of poems and stories I hope to one day publish.

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One thought on “Meet the Interns: Megan Kiwor, Submissions Coordinator

  • October 12, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    Hello SR,

    I’m one of the Art Editors for SR; I’m having a lot of fun with this internship. My first one in related to writing. I look forward to seeing your works published in the future for those of you anticipating being published.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the 4th issue of SR.


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