SR Pod/Vod Series – Recording: Author Cathy Krizik

CathyKrizikHeadshot_BW_SquareThis Tuesday, we’re proud to feature SR contributor Cathy Krizik reading her nonfiction essay “Prairie of the Mind” on our podcast.

You can listen to the podcast on our iTunes Channel.

You can read Cathy’s work in Superstition Review, Issue 16.

Also check out Cathy Krizik’s Authors Talk vodcast, posted Friday February 5th.


More About the Author:
Cathy Krizik has been published in The Penmen Review and The Prague Post. When she’s not making a living as a magazine art director and career counselor, she’s writing—an adventure she wishes had begun before menopause. She lives in Santa Cruz, CA with her wife and two cats because you can’t be a lesbian without owning cats.  cathy krizik’s website

Cass Murphy