The Deadlines Have Just Begun

kevinrosseel_031408_060.jpgEven though the deadline for the potential authors of Superstition Review has already passed, the deadlines are only just beginning for us here at the magazine.

After receiving hundreds of submissions, we need to have all of the final selections for our Inaugural issue decided by March 24th at the latest. The prospect is overwhelming to say the least, especially with all of the amazingly creative and high-quality work that we have received.

We here at Superstition Review can’t thank everyone who submitted their work enough; sending in your work to a publication takes a lot of courage, and we know that for many of you, your writing is a small part of yourself. But we can’t reinforce enough that even if your piece is not published in Superstition Review, we are honored that you shared it with us.

So here’s to a wonderful start of a busy week, and to a wonderful cast of authors, editors, and a wellspring of incredible writing for all!

Thank You All So Much!

Superstition Review Cycle

The submissions for our Inaugural Issue have continued to pour in at an amazing speed!

Many thanks to those who have submitted work, attended readings, and offered their support to Superstition Review. Our existence would not be possible without the help of amazing readers and writers like you.


Even though it’s only mid-February, the submissions for our May 2008 Inaugural issue are really pouring in. As editors, we have the hard choice of deciding which submissions to publish; a process that is difficult because all of the submissions  we’ve received show great talent.

While we have had some notable authors contribute submissions for possible publication, we do anonymous reads on our work, meaning that we don’t know who wrote the piece of work we’re reviewing. This ensures that we publish writing based solely on its merit, and not because we might be partial to a particular author’s work.

Doing anonymous reads are fairly common process in literary magazines, and even more common in literary contests. Pick up a copy of the Poet’s Market 2008 to find out more about the editing and publishing process that goes into creating a literary magazine.

Author Interviews

Arizona State University’s renowned Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing is hosting the Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference this weekend; lucky for us here at the magazine, some of the wonderful authors involved in the conference have agreed to give us some insightful interviews for our Inaugural Issue.

The authors we will be interviewing this weekend include the very talented Denise Duhamel, Lee Gutkind, and Jim Daniels. The interviews will be premiering on our site sometime soon, so be sure to check them out.