Authors Talk: Denise Emanuel Clemen

Denise Emanuel Clemen

Today we are pleased to feature author Denise Emanuel Clemen as our Authors Talk series contributor. In her podcast, Denise discusses memoir and personal essay in this current era of “alternative facts.” Specifically, she talks about this in the context of “The Marriage Essay,” published in Issue 18.

Denise notes the difference between “truth” and “Truth,” and she reveals that memoir and personal essay must have both. She also discusses how “memoir writers are obligated to the facts, the unenhanced, unembellished facts,” though they do still have access to imagery, metaphor and reportage (like writers of fiction and poetry).

She ends her podcast by explaining how she hopes that readers will be “caught and lovingly held in the safety net of true stories,” as she is when she writes them.

You can access Denise’s piece in Issue 18 of Superstition Review.

Contributor Update: Denise Emanuel Clemen

Denise Emanuel ClemenWe’re so excited to report that Denise Emanuel Clemen’s book, Birth Mother: A Memoir, is now available as an MP3 CD. Denise’s memoir was first published by Shebooks in 2014 and released on Audible in 2015.

For those who are unfamiliar with Birth Mother: A Memoir, here’s a bit more information:

Pregnant from her first sexual encounter, a teenager living in a town of 3,000 Catholics keeps her secret from everyone until six weeks before the baby’s due date. Hustled out of town and hidden in the Iowa countryside within hours of finally confiding in her mother, she concocts a scheme that will allow her to raise her child, but can she win over any of the people who might help her? As her pregnancy and its looming consequences unfold, she realizes that her life of lies and secrets has only just begun.

You can access Denise’s piece, “The Marriage Essay,” in Issue 18 of Superstition Review. You can also purchase Birth Mother: A Memoir from Barnes & Noble or on Amazon.