Authors Talk: K.K. Fox

KK FoxToday we are pleased to feature author K.K. Fox as our Authors Talk series contributor. In her podcast, K.K. talks with her writing partner, Hananah Zaheer, via Google Hangout. The pair discusses how they met, their collaborative relationship, and how they “often work on [their] fiction together or in parallel.”

K.K. and Hananah also discuss “Mile Marker 232,” which started with a prompt given to the pair at the Kenyon Writers Workshop in 2016. K.K. reveals that the wife’s fascination with the grotesque was actually proposed by Hananah. The pair elaborates on the development and process of writing “Mile Marker 232,” as well as their different interpretations of the ending.

K.K. and Hananah encourage everyone to check out their blog, Lipstick Junkies, where they talk about their process, working together, and working individually.

You can access K.K.’s piece, “Mile Marker 232,” in Issue 18 of Superstition Review.