Join the #LitMagPartyline on Twitter!

More than anything, it has been Superstition Review’s mission to bring gorgeous literature into the world, spectacular art from all over the planet, poetry that sings to you, and essays that speak their personal truth. We’ve been doing this since 2008 and will continue to do so well into the future.

We are, much like a lot of literary magazines, in a position to publish, but we’re also given the opportunity to be a lot of ASU students’ introduction to the world of literature. We’ve been thinking lately about what it means to cultivate this community with our interns and trainees. How do we set them on a path to go out into the world with vigor and ferocious kindness? The answer has always been there, lurking in the very heart of what we do: connection. It is through connection with the people writing and the people behind the scenes working tirelessly, often for little or no pay, to produce magazines because they love what they do.

Then, we must ask how to we lead our interns to connect with other people. Social media has its problems, but it’s also an unprecedented means to interact with a global community, with people who share interests and passions, the people who breathe the very life into the the thriving literary organism it is today. And in the spirit of this connection, we want to dedicate a week to showing our interns and trainees the beauty of kindness and connection.

Starting on Sept. 30th and ending on Oct. 7th we’ll be introducing the hashtag #LitMagPartyline. This is in celebration of the way technology has continually advanced with the very goal of connecting us to one another. We want to make a party line on Twitter, which our interns and trainees will use to amplify work that speaks to them and share a line, a phrase, an image from a poem or essay or story or a work of art. We’ll ask that they tag the magazine and share what it means to them. We want our interns and trainees to relish in the joy of telling these hard-working writers, poets, essayists, editors, readers, and artists that their work is valuable, that what they do reaches far and wide.

But there’s more! We want everyone to join in. Please, please, please join in! When you see the @SuperstitionRev thread, share with us and our students a piece of something special to you. And remember to use #LitMagPartyline. Let’s all take this week to and come together to bring unfettered joy into the world. Let’s show everyone that positivity wins.

Authors Talk: Sheila Squillante and Sherrie Flick

Sheila SquillanteToday we are pleased to feature authors Sheila Squillante and Sherrie Flick as our Authors Talk series contributors. Sheila and Sherrie were brought together by Superstition Review after they were both published in Issue 10.

Sherrie Flick

In this podcast, the duo starts with reading portions of their essays before discussing their story and the importance of literary friendship. Their conversation is filled with charisma, laughter, and camaraderie as they discuss the heartening feeling of knowing that you’re part of a larger world. As Sheila tells Sherrie, “Every time I talk to you, I feel like this greater sense of possibility…because I’m not just one writer, one worker, one teacher in my little cube staring at the screen…I’m reminded that there’s this larger network.”

Sherrie parts with one last piece of advice: “Remember to be kind and you never know what’s going to happen.” Before they sign off, Sheila chimes in, “Make friends!”

You can read Sheila’s “Two Suicides” and Sherrie’s “Not Talking About Sage” in Issue 10.