SR Pod/Vod Series, Authors Talk: Author Katie Flynn

Katie FlynnToday we are pleased to feature author Katie Flynn as our 36th Authors Talk series contributor. Katie discusses the approach she took in composing her story “Bury the Bird,” published in Issue 17 of SR. The podcast begins with Katie’s daughter reading from an alphabet book that she brought home from the library.

She notes that in writing this story she chose something very private and recent, which is different from her normal approach. She says she learned that, “while writing what you know is a good thing, writing what you are going through is dangerous.” She describes how using elements of genre fiction allowed her to explore a topic that was deeply personal.

You can listen to the podcast on our iTunes channel, podcast #230.

You can read Katie’s story in Superstition Review Issue 17, and hear her read it aloud in last week’s podcast, #229.


Cass Murphy

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