SR Pod/Vod Series: Writer Pablo Piñero Stillmann

Pablo PineroToday we’re proud to feature Pablo Piñero Stillmann as our sixth Authors Talk series contributor, discussing his story “The Worst Thing about Having Sex with Me” with SR Issue 15 Fiction Editor Stephanie Funk.

The story is set in Mexico City against a backdrop of unrest, and as Pablo says, “lives go on in the middle of all this chaos.” This podcast, titled “This Sense of Place,” explores how he incorporated the subtleties of Mexico into his story. Pablo explains that geography, social class, and other explanations of place had to occur naturally within the story’s framework. And more challenging still, these subtleties had to be understandable to an American audience.

“I have to trust myself to portray the subtleties of my world,” Pablo says, also referencing the challenges he encountered when he began writing in English eight years ago.

Even with its glimpses into the editorial process, perhaps the most interesting thing about “This Sense of Place” is how a discussion on writing for a foreign audience lends itself to writers considering the challenges of creating any world, within any story.

You can listen to the podcast on our iTunes Channel.

You can read Pablo Piñero Stillmann’s “The Worst Thing about Having Sex with Me” in Issue 15 of Superstition Review.


More About the Author:

Pablo Piñero Stillmann’s first novel was published in the summer of 2015 by Tierra Adentro. His work has appeared in Ninth Letter, Cream City Review, Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading, The Normal School, and other journals. Follow him on Twitter @O1O111OO.

About the Authors Talk series:

For several years, we have featured audio or video of Superstition Review contributors reading their work. We’re now establishing a new series of podcasts called Authors Talk. The podcasts in this series take a broader scope and feature SR contributors discussing their own thoughts on writing, the creative process, and anything else they may want to share with listeners.