Art Intersection – The Gilbert Art Hub

Each week we feature a blog post by one of our many talented interns here at Superstition Review. This week’s contribution comes from Student Editor-in-Chief Sam Allen. 

The venue that hosted our April 6th Issue 9 launch party is difficult to describe. Dubbed Art Intersection, the building boasts an art gallery, a fully-functional photography lab, as well as an educational facility. Though AI is nationally recognized for their community of photographers, they also host a variety of writing workshops and book-making classes. They take the name “Art Intersection” seriously – this is a place where art of all kinds intersect and overlap and where creative people can get together to exchange ideas and inspiration.

Art Intersection is perfectly placed in the history-rich Heritage District of Gilbert, Arizona. This Phoenix suburb is not normally known for its art, but founder Alan Fitzgerald was determined to establish an arts community in his hometown of Gilbert, Arizona. Though this neighborhood has yet to make a big mark on the map – in fact, my visit there was a first time for me – it feels perfect for the eclectic arts venue. The antique Gilbert Water Tower overlooks the Heritage District, whose Old West style buildings would look at home in a John Wayne movie. It’s not hard to imagine this neighborhood’s history as a railroad outpost and, later, “Hay Farming Capitol of the World.”

But this city is nothing like a ghost town, and its Old West feel starts to ebb as you begin browsing the gallery at Art Intersection or dining at any of the restaurants that have sprung up in the area. Just below Art Intersection is a spot called Romeo’s Euro Café that looks like it came straight from the streets of Rome. Across the street, Joe’s Real Barbeque serves some of the best BBQ in the Valley. Postino WineCafé recently moved into the neighborhood, right across from Liberty Market, a self-identified “unpretentious urban bistro.”

The Gilbert Heritage District is enthusiastically unpretentious, which is why Art Intersection fits right in. In an article published by the Phoenix New Times, Art Intersection’s Program Director Carol Panaro-Smith says, “We don’t want to be a snooty place, where you’re afraid to ask questions. We want you to be able to say, ‘what the heck is this art about?’” The bright second story gallery succeeds in this endeavor marvelously. The space is charming in its simplicity, beautiful but comfortable, and above all, welcoming.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with such an extraordinary arts community for the launch of Issue 9. We welcome all of our readers to check out the wonderful work of our contributors in this latest issue.

Art Intersection is currently seeking entries for its juried exhibition. The deadline for submission is April 24. For more information, please visit: