A House For You to Build: A Look at Used Furniture Review by David Cotrone

A House For You to Build: A Look at Used Furniture Review by David Cotrone 

 The Short:

Used Furniture Review is an online literary magazine founded in November 2010. We are interested in all genres of writing, art and music; we are also interested in running interviews with authors and musicians, as well as chapbook or book reviews. We accept submissions on a rolling basis and update our site three days each week, so check back often to read fresh material.

 The Long:

UFR is an online magazine that seeks to promote the voices of contemporary writers, established and emerging. We understand that though writing is done in solitude, writers are best served when they belong to a greater community — this community. We hope to both reach out and support you. We hope to provide a space for your words to take flight and sing. We hope to make you happy.

Besides making a home for fiction, nonfiction, book reviews, poetry and art, we have (and continue) to run interviews with Pulitzer Prize Finalists, best-selling authors, prize-winning songwriters and others. We are also proud to host a range of columnists: a musician who combines cover songs and life stories, a bookseller who shares her adventures, a mother exploring the world of children’s literature, an Alabama native who chats with like-minded creative types and more. Really, we want whatever you can give us. We wouldn’t exist without you, after all. We’re a house for you to build.

And of course, a little about our name: there’s a certain air that goes with it, we hope, that evokes something idiosyncratic and bracing. A sort of wonder. This idea that writing is an investigation of where a certain antique came from, what it witnessed, how it outlived its owner. And there’s something (hopefully) to be said for the way something sounds. There are two ways of looking at writing: You can be obsessed with a word’s meaning — the philosophy behind things — or you can walk around singing and scatting and reciting lines and lyrics, all the while falling in love with the musicality of language. If that’s true then we like to think our name has both.


This interview and this interview with our Editor may answer any lingering questions.

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The Nitty-Gritty:

For queries and correspondences, please write to usedfurnituresubs@gmail.com. Also, feel free to inquire if you would like your book to be our “Feature Title of the Week.”

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