#ArtLitPhx: Emerge 2016

emergeeeFree and open to the public

Emerge: Artists + Scientists Redesign the Future, is the smartest and most surprising carnival in America that brings together artists, engineers, dancers, scientists, storytellers, athletes, ethicists and technologists to imagine and build futures in which we can thrive. It is a flagship enterprise of Arizona State University – America’s most innovative, according to U.S. News, ahead of Stanford and MIT.

Emerge pioneers a formidable new means of storytelling – “visitations from the future.” These mind-quakes fire in the audience:

• Blown minds – as we explore the consequences, disruptions and opportunities of technological, social and cultural transformation; and
• Penetrating questions – about our astonishing futures; and
• Deep focus on how we can and will build the futures we crave.

Emerge is a year-round enterprise the climax of which on April 29th in metro Phoenix attracts thousands from all over the region and the world.
Emerge is not about the latest gizmos. It’s about how our creations are changing what it means to be human.

Emerge’s theme for 2016 is “The Future of Sport 2040.” What values do we want in sport in the future? Do we want to be more individualized – driven by Fitbits? Or more cooperative? If sport as a technology and community driver was old news even to the ancient Greeks, in 2040 do we want brain-implant mind-melded teams? Or mind-sharing fans?

The goal of Emerge is to build a radically creative, playful and challenging approach to our boundary-obliterating and incisive visitations from the future. And then present them in a massively public way. We raise difficult issues and spark people to think for themselves. We don’t just talk about the future, we build it – through physical and digital installations, engineered constructions, interactive pieces, performance art, scientific extravaganzas, sculpture, video art, games and dance.

For more information, visit the Facebook event.

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