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Date: February 6, 2019

Time: 6:30pm

Location: PVCC Center for the Performing Arts

Event Description:

Sarah’s Key (PG-13; 2010, 109 minutes)
A decades-old mystery unsolved. A courageous life unknown. A family’s secrets untold- until now. Julia Jarond is an American journalist living in Paris with her French husband Bertrand. Assigned to cover the anniversary of France’s notorious 1942 Vel’d’Hiv Roundup of Jews in World War II. She’s stunned to discover that Bertrand’s family apartment was the scene of an unspeakable incident committed during the war; his family has been concealing a disturbing secret these many years; and a young French girl, Sarah holds the key to unlock the devastating truth. 6:30 PM Wednesday February 6, 2019 @ PVCC CPA


PVCC International Film Festival

Mission Statement:

The Paradise Valley Community College International Film Festival presents cinema as a window onto the richness of our diverse world and our shared humanity.

The Festival offers a proven educational, entertaining visual experience for our students, colleagues, and community through the following goals.


-Viewing acclaimed films from around the world
-Enjoying films as a community experience that challenges our emotional involvement in a setting that offers opportunity for discussion
-Exploring the important issues of life through an open forum
-Experiencing cultural diversity in a profoundly transformative way
-Learning about important global issues through powerful visual images
-Discovering the range and variety of films and genres
-Understanding cinematic techniques and their contribution to the meaning of a film
-Meeting film directors, writers, and producers for dialogue
-Making entertainment educational and education entertaining

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