Lights, Camera, Action…the great Superstition journey.

Last weekend, I lived a microcosm of the Great American Journey, sitting in the passenger seat of a car as it sped through the vast desert, cruising along the highways. On such a drive, the mind begins to wander and ramble; actual turns and direction-seeking are infrequent. You find yourself in tune with the clear repetition of lines on the road; yellow black curves and dashes. There are hours to just watch the road and saguaros pass by, and in that trek things begin to fall into place.

I thought it was going to be a brief vacation, a break away from all of this stress and academia. Yet, in the midst of this desert, a familiar landmark filled my horizon.

The Superstition Mountain Range loomed in the distance.

Well, I thought to myself, it’s watching over me. I can zoom throughout any desert, across any roads and travel forever, but I’ll never be able to escape myself. My duties, my works and so forth, will always be a part of me. The rest of the weekend was spent in Eden, and was likewise beautiful.

And now we find ourselves all facing down the inescapable beauty of those mountains.

Our release date is urgent and soon. Our last reading was last night, featuring undergraduate creative writing students and a beautiful Fiesta Veggie Strata featuring produce from our allies, the Poly Harvest CSA.

Likewise, you might see on the side of this page that our Blogroll has been updated with links to other journals. The time for change and release is now. We are ready for you, readers. Are you ready for Superstition Review?

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