Meet the Interns: Ashley Goodwin, Poetry Editor

This semester, Superstition Review is highlighting the Editors producing Issue 32. Today, we got to know Ashley Goodwin, a Poetry Editor for Issue 32.

SR: What are your plans for after graduation?
To pursue a career as a business data analyst while pursuing my passion for writing.

SR: What are you currently reading?
“The Sundial” by Shirley Jackson.

SR: What is your hidden talent?
Writing was my hidden talent.

SR: What are some of your hobbies?
Writing, working out and cooking.

SR: Describe your perfect Saturday morning
Make an omelet, with some decaf coffee and write.

SR: What is one place you’d like to travel to?
AG: I’d like to travel to Switzerland.

SR: What’s your favorite midnight snack?
AG: Pasta.

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