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Darrin DoyleToday we’re proud to feature Darrin Doyle as our twenty-second Authors Talk series contributor, discussing his story “Big Winner” in his podcast “Better in a Character.”

It’s a detailed and thoughtful discussion from start to finish, kicking off with a smart deviation of a recognizable concept – “This story began as a lot of my pieces do, with an opening line…and that opening line now is deleted forever, but it was enough to get me into the story.” – and concluding by twisting writers’ perception of what makes an interesting character: “in some ways, a character not changing can be as compelling as a character undergoing a change.”

In between, Darrin explores the other elements of his story that stayed in, including “characters who aren’t warm and fuzzy” and the writing techniques and influences he used to create, as he puts it, a believable fairy tale. Then there’s the humorous, true, and frightening premise that the story hinges on, that “an older woman who is set in her ways can create some conflict.”

You can listen to the podcast on our iTunes Channel, #206.

You can read “Big Winner” in Superstition Review Issue 16, and listen to Darrin read it aloud in SR podcast #204 or #205 (to play #204, ‘get’ and access in My iTunes U).


More About the Author:
Darrin Doyle’s most recent book is the story collection, The Dark Will End the Dark (Tortoise Books). He is the author of the novels The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo (St. Martin’s Press) and Revenge of the Teacher’s Pet: A Love Story (LSU Press). He lives in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and teaches at Central Michigan University.


About the Authors Talk series:
For several years, we have featured audio or video of Superstition Review contributors reading their work. We’ve now established a new series of podcasts called Authors Talk. The podcasts in this series take a broader scope and feature SR contributors discussing their own thoughts on writing, the creative process, and anything else they may want to share with listeners.

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