New Chuck Palahniuk Film Adaptation

Chuck Palahniuk LullabyChuck Palahniuk and two independent film makers (Josh Leake and Andy Mingo) are working to adapt his award-winning novel, Lullaby, into a movie. They are independently raising funds for this production. If their goal is not met by Thursday, June 16th at 11:54 pm MST, the film will not be funded.

Donations to this project will not only fund the movie, but the donors will get the chance to be extras in the movie. Special attention is being given to the film in an effort to keep it true to Palahniuk’s vision. By donating money you (and other Palahniuk enthusiast) will help shape the movie by voicing opinions throughout the movie’s production. There is not much time left to donate.

To donate and learn more, visit this website.

The NUB: Indie Arts Hub

The NubThe NUB: Indie Arts Hub is an App compatible with  iPhone/iPad and
Android  that provides a stream of independent Arts and Culture
content from across North America directly to readers 5 times per
week. Think of it as a mini-digest of diverse content from
participating independent arts and culture magazines. Each day, you
will find in your phone a new  column, poem, short story, interview,
profile, book/zine review, comic or rant from one of five of North America’s best independent arts and culture magazines. The Nub features content from Broken Pencil: The Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts; Geist Magazine; Subterrain Magazine; Matrix
Magazine; and Taddle Creek Magazine.