Intern Update: Isabel Lineberry

We want to celebrate Isabel Lineberry, our blog editor for issue 23, for her new position as the Junior Agent and Rights Assistant at Pérez Literary & Entertainment. Isabel was just promoted to this position and was previously the assistant to the managing director.

Congratulations, Isabel! We are so proud of you!

Connect with Isabel on her LinkedIn profile to follow along on her journey.

A little about Pérez Literary & Entertainment:

Pérez Literary & Entertainment is a full-service agency dedicated to storytelling in all of its forms. We believe in the power of words to open minds and change lives.

At PLE, we are dedicated to building our clients’ careers book by book, story by story. We see our clients as our business partners and nurture long-term relationships. In today’s fast moving marketplace, we are on the constant lookout for opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional media. We are committed to empowering our clients and helping them to formulate the best strategies to achieve their storytelling goals.

Founded by a New Yorker in London, Pérez Literary & Entertainment is a transatlantic agency working holistically throughout the English-speaking world. As a multilingual and multicultural firm, PLE values diverse voices and international perspectives. We are advocates for the stories that need to be told and champions for the people who tell them.

On a day-to-day basis, we speak with editors, scouts and co-agents from around the world to sell, promote and grow our authors. We opened our doors in February 2023 and had the opportunity to celebrate PLE with those peers at our London launch party.