Authors Talk: Thomas Legendre

Thomas Legendre

Today we are pleased to feature author Thomas Legendre as our Authors Talk series contributor. Thomas discusses the context of his fiction piece, “Ultraviolet,” which was featured in Issue 18 of Superstition Review. He reveals that “Ultraviolet” is actually an excerpt from his novel, Living in the Past.

Living in the Past explores an affair between an archaeologist and his wife after the archaeologist travels back in time, and the chapters take place in both 1988 and 2006. However, “Ultraviolet” is an exception, as it takes place in 1986 when the couple first meets. It acts as an interlude that plants the seeds that will grow into the powerful issues of the novel.

Thomas also discusses his own inspiration and interest in the topics at the core of the novel, like archaeology and music. He even delves into his “a-ha!” moment, when a long-forgotten memory came back to him and helped the story take shape.

You can access Thomas’s piece in Issue 18 of Superstition Review.