You Are Divine by Dawn Reno Langley

You Are Divine by Dawn Reno Langley

Congratulations to Dawn Reno Langley for her book You Are Divine: A Search for the Goddess in All of Us. Immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery guided by Dawn and experiences of the divine feminine from spiritual teachers and students from around the world. This book includes many things to be successful in finding the divine within, including journal prompts, activities, inspiring stories, and researched instruction on how to take back power, find balance, and connect with your truest self.

A must read for any woman who wrestles with finding her voice and her place in the world.

Susan Sanders, poet and co-author of Behind These Hills

You Are Divine was just recently published by Llewellyn and will be released internationally next month. This book is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indie Bound.

Dawn is currently booking dates to discuss the book and talk about goddesses. You can find more information about these upcoming events here.

We’re also excited to share an interview with Dawn where she answers some questions about her writing process, inspirations, and finding the divine. This interview was conducted by our Blog Editor Taylor Dilger via email.

Taylor Dilger: You mentioned, “There’s no better way to assuage my curiosity than to immerse myself in the research necessary to write with confidence about the subject matter.” Could you tell me more about your research and writing process for this book?

Dawn Reno Langley: This book required extensive research, so I used the skills I’d acquired during my dissertation and conducted first-hand research (interviewing dozens of women), as well as secondhand (reading hundreds of books, articles, and other information on the subject). What surprised me most is that I was writing about goddesses, women, and almost all the books I found were written by men.

TD: Do you have any advice for young girls just starting their spiritual journey toward the divine feminine and finding their innermost selves? How can they best navigate your book and practices to get the most out of these tools?

DRL: I would advise young girls to ask questions, to think about whether they are celebrated or ignored in their journey. Don’t be afraid to explore, seek out people they respect and remember to respect themselves. You Are Divine is designed to lead readers through each chapter by inviting journal entries and exploring what feels supportive.

TD: Throughout the book, you list a myriad of goddesses and divine females and share their inspirational stories. You also said that “to be cocooned within a crowd that is 99 percent female made me feel loved, safe, and immensely powerful.” Who are some of your biggest inspirations and exactly how important is it to surround yourself with such people?

DRL: During my life, I’ve found inspiration through the biographies I’ve read of women like the pilot Amelia Earhart who faced all odds and won, Jane Goodall who almost single-handedly taught the world about chimpanzees and the way human beings ruin their own world, and Mother Theresa who battled the odds to protect the poor and sick. The goddesses who inspire me include Parvati, the Hindu goddess of motherhood;  Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of creativity and education; and Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war (sometimes I feel that our wars are not necessarily launched with bombs and guns, but with words).

TD: This book covers females balancing masculine and feminine energies, embracing emotion rather than hiding it to appease others, recognizing our value, and finding the strength to fight back against people who make us feel less than, whether that just means “making the decision to live your best life and love yourself.” How can being in touch with the divine feminine make it easier to reject stereotypes and opposition women face in today’s society?

DRL: Being in touch with the divine feminine helps us to respect those strengths and in respecting ourselves and our abilities, we also are able to respect and be compassionate to others. If we are able to see ourselves in others and can respect them, we remove the prejudice and replace it with understanding.

TD: What does writing mean to you and how has it helped you on your divine journey to discover who you are?

DRL: My writing is everything. Without it, I cannot communicate with others, understand myself, or learn more about the human condition.

If you would like to learn more about Dawn and her book, You Are Divine, check out her website and Twitter!