Women Writing The West: 18th Annual Conference

The 18th Annual Women Writing The West Conference 2012 will meet at Hotel Albuquerque in Albuquerque’s historic Old Town, October 19-21, 2012..

Conference guest speakers include Virginia Scharff, Anne Hillerman, and Susan J. Tweit, with special guest Don Bullis, New Mexico Centennial Author.

Conference Workshops include:

  • “Breakthrough Book Buzz: Trendspotting Toward a Faithful Following” led by literary publicist Stephanie Barko
  • “Warp and Weft: Weaving the Lives of Women from a Previous Era into 21st Century Fiction” led by Q. Lindsey Barrett
  • “Will This Book EVER Be Published?: What To Do When It Feels Like The Impossible Dream”  led by Laurie Wagner Buyer and Dawn Wink
  • “Explorers of Inner Space: Fantasy Writing for Young (and Not-So-Young)” led by Betsy James
  • “The Yearning Factor,” led by Page Lambert. Inspired by Robert Olin Butler’s From Where You Dream 
  • “Trick or Treat: Speaking Made Easier” led by Doris McCraw
  • “Devour and Repeat: The Conscious and Unconscious Use of Repetition in Our Poetry.” by Elise McHugh, UNM Press
  • A panel discussion on ways to minimize anxiety and optimize performance when discussing your book on television with Cynthia Leal Massey, Velda Brotherton, Dawn Nelson, and Mara Purl.

Also in attendance will be Guest Agents Sandra Bond, Susan Schulman, and Elizabeth Trupin-Pulli, and Guest Publishers Barbe Awalt and Paul Rhetts of LPD Press/Rio Grande Books, Doris Baker of Filter Press, Lee Emory of Treble Heart Books, Mountain View Publishing, Sundowners, and WhoooDoo Mysteries, and W. Clark Whitehorn and Elise McHugh of University of New Mexico Press.

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