Changes to the Website

While Spring Break is right around the corner for everyone at ASU, the Superstition Review staff is still hard at work reading submissions andsr-website.jpg perfecting our site content.

During March 17-21, all of the editors and staff of Superstition Review will be meeting with the express purpose of making our website more engaging and audience-friendly. We want our site to be a reflection of the wonderful art and writing that we publish, which means that it needs to be just as creative as it is professional.

If you’ve viewed our current site and feel that you have some helpful ideas that would make our site more appealing to you as a reader or writer of Superstition Review, please feel free to e-mail us with your ideas so that we can take them into consideration during our site renovation.

As always, check the News Blog frequently for updates about the magazine, submissions, upcoming events, or authors involved with Superstition Review.


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