Contributor Update, Heather Altfeld

Join Superstition Review in our congratulating past contributor, Heather Altfeld, on her new book, Post-Mortem. This poetry collection, an already selected winner of The 2019 Orison Poetry Prize, spans across ages, cultures, and species, as it celebrates this planet as well as all human kind’s creations. Altfeld in her collection is expansive in both her material and style, with her use of many different poem shapes, including “prose poem sequences, sestinas, kaddishes, and obituaries,” and her wide ranging topics, such as “mythical creatures, historical lives, or contemporary culture.”

“An extended meditation on language, an atlas of the visible and the invisible, as well as a memorial book to all that is lost and will be lost to us, Post-Mortem is a brilliant, baroque, and word-crazed collection of poems. While the primary mode of the poems is elegiac (many taking as their forms obituaries, autopsies, and kaddishes), one cannot help but delight in Altfeld’s reverie and in the breadth and depth of her inquiry, her exploration, her katabasis as she leads us like Virgil through a stunning and elaborate posthumous world.”

Eric Pankey, judge of The 2019 Orison Poetry Prize

To pre-order your copy of Post-Mortem click here. Also be sure to check out Heather’s website and Twitter as well as her past work in Issue 10, her guest post on “Unpacking the Library of Childhood”, and her other guest post on “Assigning Solitude.”

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