Contributor Update, Kirsten Voris

Past SR contributor Kirsten Voris has recently taken part in the creation of the Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Deck for Kids along with Brooklyn Alvarez and David Emerson.

The 50-card deck and the informative booklet are meant for caregivers, therapists, and teachers as a way to encourage agency and embodiment in children who have experienced trauma. The unique yoga deck is perfect for every kind of instruction and specifically informed to help people, offering games and activities to use yoga as a way to heal.

You can buy this yoga deck from the publisher’s website. Read Kirsten’s work featured in Issue 18 of Superstition Review.

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One thought on “Contributor Update, Kirsten Voris

  • February 16, 2020 at 10:42 pm

    This is really awesome! Helping kids with trauma is already such a great cause, but to provide a resource for counselors and parents in such a unique format is so creative and helpful. Oftentimes, people have the right intentions but don’t know how to help kids in a sensitive manner. An amazing project for an amazing cause. 🙂

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