Contributor Update, Sarah Vap

Join us in congratulating Sarah Vap on her book, Winter: Effulgences and Devotions. It is available from Noemi Press here. Recently, Cutbank has done an extensive interview with Sarah discussing Winter, talking about where the book sprung from and the process of its creation.

Winter is the product of years of work, documenting Sarah’s struggle to write a single poem while she confronts other thoughts, raises her family, and forces herself to remember to remember the world at large.

To learn more about Sarah and her work you can visit her website. You can also read our interview with her, “Writing Out of My Own Life!—Sort of” featured in Issue 13 of Superstition Review.

Congratulations Sarah!

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One thought on “Contributor Update, Sarah Vap

  • September 26, 2020 at 5:14 pm

    Both interviews were an engaging read. Sarah’s words on repetition and reference to Gertrude Stein (from Issue 13) made me think of my own poetry in a new and creative way. Also, thank you for the link to purchase Sarah’s book!

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