History in the Making

With the debut of our Reading Series yesterday, February 25th, the Superstition Review time line is moving along with amazing speed.

As the publication of our first issue grows nearer everyday, we here at the magazine decided that having an Inaugural Issue interview of the staff and founders of Superstition Review is a must. As we plan on being around for quite some time, we want to capture the moment of Superstition Review’s inception. More simply put, we want something that future interns, readers, and writers of the magazine can look back on and see just how much the magazine has grown since its beginning.

Also, because Superstition Review is a completely online magazine, it is a good example of where many literary magazines will be in 20 years: on the Web. While tangible magazines aren’t disappearing anytime soon, there will be an increase of traditional magazines gracing the World Wide Web, and whole new movement of literary magazines that will start on the Web, just like us.

The benefit of an online magazine is that people anywhere in the world can read or submit their work to Superstition Review. Knowledge and creativity are present in every culture, and we want to foster and encourage those traits wherever they may be.

We hope that by offering an in-depth look at how Superstition Review was created, others will see that it is possible to create a successful magazine for the community of artists and writers in a way that is accessible to all.

As always, check out our homepage for more information, or e-mail us with any questions.

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