Maybe It’s Me: On Being the Wrong Kind of Woman

Congratulations to Eileen Pollack for the release of her new book Maybe It’s Me: On Being the Wrong Kind of Woman published by Delphinium Books. These humorous and emotional essays capture what it’s like to grow up in a world where females are more appreciated for their bodies instead of their minds. Eileen tells her stories of breaking the gendered rules laid out for a girl in the 1960s that still carry on today. With her experiences from pursuing a physics degree at Yale to a marriage of “supposed equals,” everyone can find truth in Eileen’s message of love, connection, and acceptance.

Eileen Pollack’s essays are striking for their tender, smart explorations of love and longing, fear and injustice, memory and history, and the everyday project of claiming one’s place in the world. An illuminating portrait of womanhood and all its sorrows, challenges, and triumphs, Maybe It’s Me is a marvelous collection with a bold, powerful sensibility.

Natalie Bakopoulus, author of The Green Shore and Scorpionfish

You can purchase Maybe It’s Me from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indie Bound.

Eileen’s short story “Naughty” is featured in Issue 27. To find more of Eileen and her work you can check out her website and Twitter.

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