Meg Tuite’s White Van

White Van (Unlikely Books 2022)

Congratulations to Meg Tuite for the release of her new book White Van published by Unlikely Books. This collection of poems shines with Meg’s unique descriptive voice with stories that capture womanhood in a cathartic and honest way. It’s a wonder to read each word and experience all that they offer.

Gorgeously brutal, jaggedly mattering, Meg Tuite’s incantations crackle with the clarities of a true visionary. White Vans treats the trample and grime of trauma with cleansing ecstasies of language. This book will turn you inside out.

Garielle Lutz, author of Worsted

White Van is available for purchase on Amazon. Keep reading for an excerpt from the book!

Squeezed In By Despair

The sky absorbs itself into tiny clusters of strangely beaked
branches cutting incisions through the veined hiss of tired
blue. Step on to the cackle of leaves beneath your shoes.
Wallow your way in and out of trees, skeletal tall, old as
aches, and smell darkness bleed into each pore. No sense in
pretending what the forest hides. Bodies compost history,
groan and gnash dust into rich, brazen dirt damp with the
guts of wanderers. A multitude of eyes size up the stench of
your leeched family tragedies. The caverns of sad, lonely
trails deepen across your face. It’s okay. You’ll never find
yourself alone. A pack of swaying columns covered with
bark imperceptibly surround you.

For more of Meg’s writing, you can also read her short story “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” in Issue 12.

Meg Tuite is the author of a novel-in-stories, Domestic Apparition (San Francisco Bay Press), a short story collection, Bound By Blue, (Sententia Books) Meet My Haze (Big Table Publishing), White Van (Unlikely Books), won the Twin Antlers Collaborative Poetry award from (Artistically Declined Press) for her poetry collection, Bare Bulbs Swinging, Grace Notes (Unknown Press), as well as five chapbooks of short fiction, flash, poetic prose, and multi-genre. She teaches workshops and online classes through Bending Genres and is an associate editor at Narrative Magazine. Her work has been published in over 600 literary magazines and over fifteen anthologies including Choose Wisely: 35 Women Up To No Good. She has been nominated over 15 times for the Pushcart Prize, won first and second place in Prick of the Spindle contest, a five-time finalist at Glimmer Train, finalist of the Gertrude Stein Award, and 3rd prize in the Bristol Short Story Contest. She is also the editor of eight anthologies. She is included in the Best Small Fictions of 2021. Her blog:

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