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Congratulations to David Greenspan for his debut poetry collection! This book will be released on March 8, 2022, by Driftwood Press. It is available for preorder now on the publisher’s website!

David Greenspan’s One Person Holds So Much Silence explores the intersection of physical and emotional traumas through surprising and jaw-dropping language. Simultaneously lush and bizarre, the poems in One Person Holds So Much Silence culminate in a striking deep dive into the pain and experiences of existing within a body. From self-harm to suicidal ideation, Greenspan tackles these harrowing topics through writing brimming with original language and wrought empathy.

Here is the poetry aimed at our thoughts placed into every muscle and how we manage the weight of being human as we bend, unbend, alive with these brilliant poems! I am grateful for this book!

CA Condrad, Author of AManda Paradise: Resurrect extinct vibration

David Greenspan contributed to Issue 27 with a poem featured in this collection. Get a preview of his poems by reading “We the dead balk” on SR.

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