Readings and Submissions — Keep it coming!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far! We have really got some great work coming in, and keep in mind you still have until the end of October to keep submitting your work.  Our editors are keeping very busy and doing a great job of organizing and sorting through submissions so far.

Likewise, we’ve got our second reading in our reading series coming up on Monday, October 13th at 7:30 p.m. Again, it will be hosted in the Cooley Ballroom in the Student Union at the ASU Polytechnic campus. This reading features work by writing faculty from various community colleges. Hope to see you there.

Working up the perdition and drive to complete and finish a piece for submission is among the greatest challenges most writers face. For a lot of early writers, such as Miguel de Cervantes or the Marquis de Sade have used time imprisoned in order to focus on their ideas, which eventually developed into literary classics! Though we all can’t become part of the Western Canon, there are a lot of authors today who still make it big–big screen…

Learn more about how top American contemporary authors can get from a blank page to a big screen next update. Until next time!

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