Contributor Update, Melissa Goodrich and Brandon Amico: Gold Wake Press Spring Contest Winners

Contributor UpdateAuthors Talk PoetWe are happy to announce that past contributors Melissa Goodrich and Brandon Amico from Issue 21 won Gold Wake Press’s 2018 Spring contest. Gold Wake Press will be publishing Brandon Amico’s book “Disappearing, Inc.” and Melissa Goodrich and Dana Diehl’s book “The Classroom Beneath the Classroom.” Congratulations Brandon and Melissa!

Authors Talk: Brandon Amico

Authors Talk PoetToday we are pleased to feature poet Brandon Amico as our Authors Talk series contributor.

Brandon Amico has a conversation with his friend Kylie Brown, a musician and music instructor at the Asheville Music School, on his poems “If You Like This Poem,” “Occupational Hazard,” and “Housing Complex” featured in Issue 21.

Amico and Brown discuss connection and disconnection in the modern world, perspectives, and the uses of language in his poems. Amico ends the conversation by expanding on the theme of “incompleteness” found in all three poems and the concept of “framing with words” seen in “Housing Complex.”

Brandon Amico’s poems appear in Issue 21 of Superstition Review.