Flash-Fiction Fairy Tales from Jen Knox

Flash-Fiction Fairy Tales from Jen Knox

Congratulations to Jen Knox for her new book Dandelion Ghosts! Her nine flash-fiction stories explore the human condition in a magical and captivating way. Jen says that these stories are “basically fairy tales for adults.” The book came out in September published by Unleash Creatives.

The story “Dandelion Ghosts” won the Flash Fiction Magazine contest.

In this collection of tautly woven stories, Jen Knox offers us surreal adult parables. The fantastical nudges up against Odd Lots, paying rent, and worrying about aging parents. Logic ricochets off into all kinds of boundless directions, pushing out our sense of the “ordinary” so we learn to expect anything in these stories: a young girl who discovers the backs of her knees spill out coins, an installation artist who talks to the muse in her plump belly. Each character stumbles through a tired, not always empathetic world, but her fears, anxieties and strange talents leave open the possibility for something a little bit better.

Alexandra van de Kamp, author of Kiss/Hierarchy

Jen contributed to Issue 4 and Issue 14. You can buy the book on Amazon and learn more about Jen Knox on her website and Instagram.