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Prick of the Spindle is a journal of the literary arts, founded in 2007. We are always seeking book reviews and critics to take on the titles listed on the review shelf at We are also seeking short film and visual artists for our online galleries, as well as humor writers for the new online section, The Corner. Submit your fiction, poetry, nonfiction, humorous pieces, reviews, interviews, artwork, and drama for the biannual print edition at Subscribe to the print edition at more than 16% off the cover price. Visit

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The Madison Review

The Madison ReviewThe Madison Review is an independent literary arts journal published through the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Founded in the early 1970s by students from the university’s creative writing program, The Madison Review remains a student-run journal to this day. The staff—including editors—is composed entirely of undergraduates from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Published semiannually, each issue of The Madison Review contains previously unpublished fiction, poetry, and art as well as interviews with well-known writers. The Madison Review is also committed to bringing literary arts to the community by hosting readings, discussions and other events. Their upcoming Spring 2013 issue coming out in May will feature artist couple Kozyndan, an interview with writer Kevin Powers, and much more! Please visit their website for more information concerning their submission deadlines, annual contests, and archive of past issues.