Authors Talk: Sheila Squillante and Sherrie Flick

Sheila SquillanteToday we are pleased to feature authors Sheila Squillante and Sherrie Flick as our Authors Talk series contributors. Sheila and Sherrie were brought together by Superstition Review after they were both published in Issue 10.

Sherrie Flick

In this podcast, the duo starts with reading portions of their essays before discussing their story and the importance of literary friendship. Their conversation is filled with charisma, laughter, and camaraderie as they discuss the heartening feeling of knowing that you’re part of a larger world. As Sheila tells Sherrie, “Every time I talk to you, I feel like this greater sense of possibility…because I’m not just one writer, one worker, one teacher in my little cube staring at the screen…I’m reminded that there’s this larger network.”

Sherrie parts with one last piece of advice: “Remember to be kind and you never know what’s going to happen.” Before they sign off, Sheila chimes in, “Make friends!”

You can read Sheila’s “Two Suicides” and Sherrie’s “Not Talking About Sage” in Issue 10.