Contributor Update: Kathleen McCormick Wins HM in New Millenial Writings

Kathleen McCormickCongratulations to SR Contributor Kathleen McCormick.

Her essay“In the Backseat of a Mustang Convertible on Memorial Day in the Rain,” (published in Issue 12 of 2013) has just won an Honorable Mention in the 38th New Millennium Writings competition.

Her memoir Dodging Satan: My Irish/Italian Perilous, Secret, Sometimes Awesome, but Mostly Creepy, Childhood is coming out in April or May of this year.

Kathleen Zamboni McCormick is Professor of Literature at Purchase College, SUNY. Her essay, “I Always Thought I Was on Good Terms with the Virgin Mary Even Though I Hadn’t Gotten Pregnant in High School,” won the Tiny Lights First Prize and was performed in Petaluma, CA. She’s negotiating with a NYC theater to do readings of other pieces. Work has appeared in Witness, South Carolina Review, and Zone 3, among others. Academic books include The Culture of Reading and the Teaching of English (MLA Mina Shaughnessy Award).