Neema Avashia’s Examines her Roots in New Essay Collection

Neema Avashia’s Examines her Roots in New Essay Collection

Congratulations to Neema Avashia for releasing her collection of essays Another Appalachia: Coming Up Queer and Indian in a Mountain Place. As a queer Asian American teacher and writer, Avashia uses her experiences and identity to write something entirely unique and inspirational with hopes that readers will see Appalachia in a new light. She puts Appalachia at the center of the narrative to draw lessons she has learned about “…race and class, gender and sexuality [and how they] continue to inform the way she moves through the world today…” Using lyric and narrative explorations of beauty standards, religion, social media, and more, Neema Avashia shatters stereotypes and shakes up the way we see the world in the best way.

This collection will be released on March 1 published by West Virginia University Press and is available for preorder now on their website and

Neema Avashia, in this book, has named the unnamed, spoken the unspoken so that it does not become—to paraphrase Adrienne Rich—the unspeakable, and she has done so in language that is both lyrical and direct, both entertaining and edifying, both challenging and generous. I love this book and believe it introduces an important voice in America’s ongoing racial reckoning.

Rahul Mehta, author of No Other Worldup

You can find one of the essays featured in this collection, “Finding the Holy in an Unholy Coconut,” in Issue 23 of SR. You can read more about Neema on her website and follow her on Twitter.

Contributor Update: Natalie Sypolt’s The Sound of Holding Your Breath: Stories

Natalie Sypolt Cover The Sound of Holding Your Breath: StoriesToday we are pleased to announce that Natalie Sypolt has a forthcoming short story collection. The Sound of Holding Your Breath: Stories is being released by West Virginia University Press. Pre-orders are available online for the November 2018 release.

Natalie was featured in Issue 10 of Superstition Review. Her story is titled “Fractured” and is currently available to read.

Natalie has also contributed to the Superstition Review Blog. Her first guest post, “When Writers Gather, Or How to Make a Workshop Work for You” covers the topics of conferences and workshops. She offers some great advice in a do and don’t format. For her second guest post, “A Retreat from Distraction”, she discusses distraction, productivity, and a bit more of finding what works for you as writer.

Congratulations, Natalie!