Progress Update: Momentum

The Superstition Review staff continues to gain momentum while working on Issue 6. Section editors are voting on submissions via our website, Submishmash, which has allowed advisors and editors to work quickly, reading submissions then assigning them to additional readers. As a reminder, the Superstition Review submission period concludes on October 31st and submissions can be made to

Our Interview Editors have confirmed several interviewees for Issue 6 including Beverly Donofrio, Elizabeth Kadetsky, Alberto Ríos, Rishma Dunlop, and Erick Setiawan. Interview Editor Kimberly Singleton was delighted by positive feedback from Erick Setiawan about the Superstition Review website. He stated, “great website, by the way, and very much needed.” These interviews will take place in the next few weeks and will appear in Issue 6 of Superstition Review.

Additionally, Reading Series Coordinator Mary Richardson is pleased to announce that the Melissa Pritchard reading has been scheduled for November 18th. Pritchard is the recipient of numerous awards, including fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Howard Foundation at Brown University, the Illinois Arts Council. More details about the reading will be announced soon.

Progress Update: Melissa Pritchard Featured for Reading Series

While awaiting responses from solicited writers of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, Superstition Review Section Editors are dedicating their time this week to reading and organizing incoming submissions via Submishmash. Go to for our submission guidelines and to see our new submissions manager. Our Art Editors have visited exhibits locally and elsewhere, and are now communicating with hopeful incoming artists.

Also this week, Superstition Review Reading Series Editor Mary Richardson has confirmed that we will feature Melissa Pritchard at our Superstition Review reading this semester. Date and venue will be announced soon.

Check back regularly for updates on our highly anticipated reading, and other Superstition Review updates.

Progress Update: On The Fast Track

Although we were all introduced just four short weeks ago, we are already a quarter of the way into the semester. Our section editors have finalized their solicitation lists and will begin to contact potential artists, interviewees, poets, fiction, poetry and nonfiction authors. Expect more information on our highly anticipated Superstition Review reading series in the following weeks.

Our Content Coordinator is creating Submishmash accounts for each Superstition Review section editor. Using these accounts, editors will be able to effectively read and organize incoming submissions. Go to for our guidelines, and to see our new submissions manager. We’re very excited to try Submishmash this semester.

We have also introduced our Art Editors, Anthony Torres and Rebecca Glenn via a segment entitled “Meet The Interns.” At suggestion of one of our readers, I will be introducing a “Where Are They Now” segment to the Superstition Review blog later this week. These brief interviews will allow insight into the endeavors of past Superstition Review interns, both in academics and in the literary sphere.

Progress Update: Moving Forward

With work underway after the long holiday weekend, Superstition Review staff are back in their weekly routines. Our section editor pairs are finalizing their solicitation lists and outlining the templates they will use to contact potential artists, interviewees, poets, fiction and non-fiction authors.

The staff is also continuing to view open submissions, which are being received through during our reading period of September and October.

In addition to their hard work on this issue of Superstition Review, staff members have completed intern questionnaires that allow a more in depth look into each staff member’s life and their decision to join the Superstition Review team. With the help of our photoshopper formatting staff members’ head shots, I will begin posting a segment called “Meet The Interns” in the weeks to come to introduce each intern. Stay tuned as the week progresses for more information.

Progress Update: We’re off to a smooth start

Even though our staff has only just started week 2 of Superstition Review Issue 6, a clear outline of tasks for the issue is beginning to form. The newest interns to the publication met with each other during a luncheon on Saturday August 28th to discuss their duties and to introduce themselves to their fellow interns. Check back on Friday September 3rd for an inside look at the event.

Last week our Section Editors for art, fiction, interviews, nonfiction, and poetry started researching authors and artists from whom to solicit work. Looking ahead to this week our Section Editors will be making their final choices and will begin sending solicitation letters. They will also start viewing open submissions, which will begin streaming in to during our reading period of September and October. Our Reading Series Coordinator and Advertising Coordinator have also begun researching their options for authors to feature in our two-part reading series and avenues for potential advertising opportunities.

Last but certainly not least our photoshopper is working on editing staff headshots and biographies for the Superstition Review website.

As you can see, we are just getting the ball rolling on Issue 6. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for continuous updates on our progress.

Submission for Issue 6

The time has come once again to gather your works of art, poetry, fiction or nonfiction and ready them for Superstition Review Issue 6. Our period for reading is between now and October 31st for publication in December. For this issue we will be using Submishmash, a submissions management service that will allow staff to track and review incoming work. For more information on submission guidelines or if you’re ready to submit go to or click here.