Author Spotlight: Denise Duhamel

Denise DuhamelThis week’s Author Spotlight is on renowned poet Denise Duhamel, whose books include Kinky, Queen for a Day, and The Woman With Two Vaginas. She has also published work in numerous literary magazines and has collaborated with Maureen Seaton on three books of poetry.

Duhamel received the Crab Orchard Poetry Prize for her book The Star-Spangled Banner, and is one of poetry’s premier voices. Her writing is unique, thought provoking, and edgy. She helps her readers have a new mindset when looking at the world, and uses seemingly innocuous subjects like Barbie to make her readers re-examine society. Click here to read her poem One Afternoon When Barbie Wanted to Join the Military.

Queen for a DayDuhamel currently enriches the lives of students at Florida International University, where she teaches Creative Writing. She is married to the poet Nick Carbó.

To read more about Denise Duhamel click here. To read more of her poetry, please click here, or purchase one of her wonderful books.

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